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A GI MIL-SPEC FLASH HIDER is the perfect accessory for your Walther P22 pistol and our WALTHER P22 THREAD ADAPTER ASSEMBLY (thread adapter and thread protector) is also INCLUDED! This US GI Mil-Spec AR15/M16 Flash hider can easily screw on in place of your real suppressor or FAKE SUPPRESSOR to give your handgun a custom tactical look.

ONE LOW PRICE! ALL THREE PARTS! Order today and get your gun lookin' right!


Ordering Restrictions: No sales to CA or where otherwise prohibited. A pistol with a threaded barrel in CA would be a restricted Assault Weapon and is prohibited.

Of course the Walther P22 is for reference only and is not included.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 6 reviews

Review This Product

By Mike Of Montana
Recently received my thread adapter and flash hider. Had no problem putting it on my Walther P22. Talk about a hot look! In fact several friends at the range commented positively on it. Have to hand it to you TI you guys know how to please the crowd. Thanks for another great product. ~Mike Young
By jared Of Utah
I was very impressed with the fit and fnish of this system. The quality of these products far exceeded my expectations for something at this price. I love the fake silencer it looks great, And i actually shoot better with the extra weight up front. The silencer is nice because it pushes the sound futher away from the shooter, And all but eliminated the need for plugs(similar to a rifles report) I will be ordering the tac 65 as soon as the paper work goes through. Very fast shipping as well..
By Aaron Of Missouri
I bought this combo pack for my P22 and I have gotten a lot of use out of it. The flash hider works really well and is a very nicely machined product. The thread adapter gets double use now that I have a Stratus suppressor and is another nicely machined piece of equipment. I highly recommend buying from Tactical Innovations, their items are high quality and their customer service is highly impressive. I placed my order and had my stuff delivered from across the country in 2 days. When I changed my mind on an item and asked for an exchange to a different color, they gave me no problems and exchanged it immediately. I have and would definitely buy from them again.
By Dale Of Ohio
Received my order within 48 hours of placement. Ordering process was fast and easy. The quality of product is very good. Nicely machined with no flaws or rough edges. It makes my P22 look distinctive to say the least. As an added bonus, it's made in the U.S.A. Cant beat that!
By K Of Indiana
I bought this combo since the thread adapter by itself was out of stock. Really didn't figure on using the flash suppressor but screwed it on for the heck of it. After shooting the pistol with it I will leave it on, not for the tacticool look but it adds weight out on the front end making it easier to hold steady. Fit and finish are excellent like everything else I've bought from Tactical Inovations. Now if someone would just produce a quality replacement slide for the P22......
By Craig Of Virginia
I purchased this combination for my S&W M&P 22 and it was an excellent choice. The flash hider looks great on the gun and the added weight all but removes muzzle rise and recoil from a gun that is already a an awesome shooter. At the sale price of $37.99 this was a great deal.


This WALTHER P22 THREAD ADAPTER AND FLASH HIDER COMBO includes both the GI MIL-SPEC FLASH HIDER and the WALTHER P22 THREAD ADAPTER ASSEMBLY.  Please refer to each individual product for their respective installation instructions.


This WALTHER P22 THREAD ADAPTER AND FAKE SUPPRESSOR COMBO includes both the GI MIL-SPEC FLASH HIDER and the WALTHER P22 THREAD ADAPTER ASSEMBLY.  Please refer to each individual product for their respective cleaning and care instructions.

PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to