Tactical Innovations' Layway Plan

We know that often you find a gun or accessory that you want and are either not ready to take delivery of it at that time or need a little more time to pay for it.

Our LAYAWAY PLAN is here to help!


That's 3 months to pay at no additional charge.

- A large ticket purchase can be a drain on our budget... Keep your cash flow at a comfortable level by using our layaway plan.

Instead of paying all at once, pay for your products in comfortable installments on your schedule.

You can pay whenever you want within the layaway term. There are never any prepayment penalties or early payoff charges or anything of the sort.

Here's how it works...

Not all items we sell are eligible for layaway. Eligible items will be clearly noted with our "LAYAWAY" banner on applicable product pages. When you find a layaway eligible item that you would like to purchase on our layaway plan, please CALL our customer service staff at 208-267-1585 pacific between 7AM and 4:00 PM with the item number and product name. They will setup your layaway account on the phone with you in-person. Each layaway item requires an initial 20% payment at the time the layaway is opened. Layaway payments can be paid with credit cards (V/MC/DISC/AX) or by check or money order. Please note however that many layaway eligible items have a "CASH" discounted price in addition to the sale price. IF ANY LAYAWAY PAYMENTS (even one) ARE MADE WITH A CREDIT CARD DURING THE LAYAWAY PERIOD, IT WILL MAKE THE ITEM NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE CASH DISCOUNT PRICE.

Once your layaway is accepted AND your initial 20% payment is received, your item will no longer be available for sale and will be reserved for you. Your layaway plan is open for 90 days. You can make as many or as few payments as you'd like during the layaway period however credit card payments must be at least $25 per payment. You can pay multiple payments in equal or random amounts or you can make one complete balance due payment on the 90th day, whichever is most convenient for you.

ALL LAYAWAY PURCHASES MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL WITHIN 90 DAYS. It is the customer's responsibility to pay for the item in full within the 90 day period. We will not contact you with additional invoices or reminders and there is NO "GRACE PERIOD". THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO EXTENSIONS FOR ANY REASON.

At any time during the 90 day layaway period, once your item is paid in full, it will be shipped immediately. In the event you do not pay for the item in full within the agreed upon 90 days, your layaway plan will automatically be cancelled without any additional notification. The original 20% payment will not be refunded and will be assessed as a restocking and administrative bookkeeping fee. At the same time, your layaway item will be returned to inventory and will once again be available for sale. Any payments in excess of the initial 20% original payment will be transferred to a store credit that can be used to purchase any goods or services from Tactical Innovations Inc. for 1 year, after which the credit will expire and will be forfeited by the customer.

Our Layaway Plan is for PURCHASES ONLY. IT IS NOT FOR PLACING ITEMS "ON HOLD". Please make sure you are 100% sure that you intend to and are capable of completing the sale during the 90 day layaway period prior to putting any items on layaway.

The following terms will apply without exception:

  1. Under no circumstances will the initial 20% payment be refunded.
  2. Once an item is placed on layaway, it cannot be exchanged for another product during the layaway period.
  3. Once the item is placed on layaway, the price is fixed. The price will not be negotiated or adjusted after an item is placed on layaway.
  4. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you can legally own and possess the layaway item and that you have an FFL dealer to accept the item in your state, where applicable. Your inability to purchase the item etc. will not be sufficient reason to cancel the layaway plan. Layaway plans that are cancelled for any reason will forfeit the 20% initial payment.
  5. Layaway is available on NFA items but ATF transfer paperwork will not be submitted until the item is paid in full.
  6. Customers with established track records will be permitted to have multiple layaway items pending at the same time. However, we reserve the right to limit the number of concurrent layaway items open at any one time. Similarly, customers with a history of not completing their layaway purchases may be precluded from opening additional layaway accounts.
  7. Layaway terms are clearly defined and explained. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff PRIOR to placing any item on layaway.