FOR RUGER® 10/22®


The Pike Arms precision EDM machined Tool Steel Sharp Claw Extractor is a drop-in replacement for the Ruger® stamped extractor for the 10/22®, 10/22® Magnum and Charger as well as Ruger® Mark II and Mark III .22LR Pistols.  This precision extractor is made by Pike Arms® using wire EDM machining for the highest quality precision result.   The extractor is then processionally heat treated to provide a hard edge that will not wear even under the most demanding of conditions. 

The extractor ships complete with a replacement extra-force extractor spring.  Both parts are an easy "drop-in" installation with no fitting or gunsmithing required.  You can expect positive reliable extraction everytime!  Get greater reliability for a price thats too low not to have one!  

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 2 reviews

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By Kerry Of Oregon
Everything they claimed it would be! The edge is sharp and you can tell its way better to grab the empty than the factory extractor. You have to use your original steel plunger with this new extractor but it only takes a couple minutes to put it in. For $10, I'll be putting this one in all of my 10/22 guns.
By Ross Of Wyoming
The Single Most Important Reliability Upgrade for the 10-22. When Teaching the Appleseed Program, we saw a ton of 10-22s. And the most prevalent problem, was failure to extract do to rounded edge factory extractors, this seemed even worse on the newer Ruger 10-22s. We suspect that they must have been made from softer steel in recent years. Please Note: we are talking about Ruger Factory rifles here Not TI or Valquartzen, or other High end versions. Nothing is more frustrating for the novice shooter in a class than an endless series of malfs. In the past we have used other brands of upgrade extractors that cost more but these seem to be just as good as the others and they work Perfectly. Very easy to install, we could show a novice how to change there own in minutes! The second biggest problem was Mags and TI mags are Flawless!!!!!!!!! Buy with confidence and solve your 2 biggest failure points with a low cost Positive solution!! That and Clean your Rifle!!! "#. 3" Failure point!


To replace the extractor, first remove the bolt from the rifle per the manufacturer's disassembly instructions.  Once you have the bolt on your workbench, the extractor can easily be replaced by using a punch or a pick to push the plunger into the bolt and compress the extractor spring.  With the extractor spring compressed, you will be able to remove the original extractor and replace it with the Pike Arms® Sharp Claw Extractor. 

Use caution not to lose the plunger or spring.  When compressed and replacing the extractor, its easy for your tool to slip off which will then shoot the plunger and spring across the room. 

Once the new Pike Arms Sharp Claw Extractor is in the bolt with the plunger and spring applying pressure, manually cam / rock the extractor to ensure that it has full travel and is not binding.  Extractor installation is complete and the bolt can be re-assembled into the rifle per the rifle manufacturer's assembly instructions. 
PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.