This inexpensive mag loader makes loading high capacity mags a snap without breaking your thumb.  Its a simple box loader, such as is used on M11/9 mags and grease gun mags, that slips over the top of the mag and easily pushes the round in the magazine down so you can slip the next round into the mag with no effort.  You better order at least 2 of these, since you know your buddy is going to want one!

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By charlie Of
Works ok with 25 rounders, but on my ramline 50 the spring presser is a little much. This is NOT a speed loader, it is slow and steady.
By Tyler Of Missouri
This along with TI25 polycarbonate mags are a really nice combo. When I first put my custom parts on my 10/22 and got my mags in at the same time I got my money's worth out of this. One night, two Federal 550 round bricks, both boxes didn't come home. The trick to this is push it inwards as you reload bullets but it's hard to explain until you get one. It takes about 5 minutes to get the trick and you will at least double your loading speed. Me and my bud were just talking while doing it without thinking, becomes natural after some time. We kept getting faster until we reloaded mags about as quick as we can burn one with aimed double tap shots and kept taking turns reloading the empty. If you own a TI25 mag or are getting one: Stop reading, add to cart, get in mail, enjoy.
By Phil Of Texas
This loader is not all that helpful and has two design flaw that renders it all but useless. The loader pushes down on the rear of the case, often times on the rim, resulting in a stovepiped round. The loader is larger than the mag box, so you must push against the rear of the mag and then down to push a round down into the mag. This needs to be built to tighter tolerances and the pusher tang enlarged to be of any benefit. If you have strong fingers, this device won't save you any time.
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