Want a fast and easy way to fill your high capacity mags for your Ruger 10/22? Here is the perfect solution! Butler Creek's Hot Lips Loader is perfect for loading just about any high capacity 10/22 mags.  Just dump 50 22LR shells into the hopper, insert your mag, shake it, and crank it full! This loader is fast and field portable so you can take it with you to load up more mags where ever you need to... AND IT WORKS! 

Note: TI25 MACHINED ALUMINUM RUGER 10/22 MAG is shown for reference only and is not included with loader.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 8 reviews

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By David Of
I just got it today and loaded some of the hot lips composit mags. It works pretty well. I'd recommend it so far. The only drawback I can see is that it is all plastic... You can see the rounds, but we'll see how it stands up in the field.
By Anthony Of
We shot up 3 brinks using this loader. Had a few jams but overall was easier than fingering each one into the mags. For the price, was a good deal.
By Ben Of
Ive only used this a few times since I purchased it with my hotlips 25 round mag.. and after the first time I could notice wearing on the plastic feeding wheel on the loader.. I don't know if I would say it was worth the money to me it just seems like loading it by hand was easier than fumbling with this. the theory is good.. crank it till its full.. its actually turn it a bit fumble get the angle right turn fumble.. so on.. but i already payed the money for it ill give it a chance and see if i can't get the hang of it.
By Adam Of
This is a downright amazing loader. I've run over 10 bricks of Remington ammo with my composite steel lip mags I bought here. The 50 rounds capacity is subject to user comfort; sometimes more or less works better. It's really easy: 1) Dump shells in loader 2) Shake side to side to fill tray 3) Insert mag 4) Turn crank until full 5) Remove magazine It's really that easy. I even taught my girlfriend how to use it for when I go plinking! There are a few tips I recommend to new users starting out: 1) Tilt the loader towards the mag when loading, even if just slightly. 2) Take a split second pause between cranking the wheel for each round. Combined with the tilting, it makes loading go MUCH faster even if it seems to take a hair longer. 3) Tilt the loader away from the mag when removing a full magazine. It will help stop those rare instances where a round falls through, but not out, and gets "stuck." It's a quick fix to unstick, but this minimizes those occurrences. Well gang, hope this helps! I've convinced my cousins, my friends, and others at the range to get one for their 10/22- this is an incredible piece that pays for itself in less than a day when you don't have lead residue all over your hands :-) Happy shooting! Adam
By Grant Of Oregon
Not a very fun experience.......crank the wheel, maybe one or two rounds go in.......unstick a round and repeat the process. this process does save your fingers for loading hundreds of rounds, but not a particularly smooth process. Pretty frustrating actually. I still prefer this to loading manually, but improvements need to be made.
By Troy Of Pennsylvania
This loader is a great product. It seemed like before i would spend more time loading mags then I would shooting... This has changed everything. Ive found that it works better loading my TI-25 mags then the factory ruger mags, it jams up once and a while on the factory rugers. On the TI-25 mags I had zero jams using: CCI mini mags, federal bulk, remington golden, and the winchester x's. Only time it would jam was when I was using junk remington thunderbolts ( about 1 jam every 15 ) other then that its real good. Even jams only take a few seconds to clear. I would recommend!
By Joseph Of Alabama
I really enjoy this loader. It's amazing. I shoot one of my 10/22s about every trip to the range so it sees a great deal of use. I've used this loader loader to load Ruger factory 10 round magazines, Butler Creek 25 round steel lips, and Tactical innovations aluminum and composite 25 round magazines. When you first start using it you don't always get a round with every cycle of the wheel, but once you've used it awhile, you will learn how to use this thumb-saving tool quickly. I can honestly load several 25 round mags in just a couple of minutes. Take your time, follow the directions and don't force the handle. 25 rounds will shortly be exiting your Ruger 10/22! Highly recommended.
By Joe Of Alaska
This is going to make loading your high compasity mags FUN. Before using this product I watched a demonstration on YouTube.com. Simple to use and YES it works. Only draw back is it's made of plastic.. So avoid using in extreme cold as we know plastic tend to get fragile when exposed to cold. Love loading my mags. now this saves getting sore fingers when loading high compasity mags. Don't think about buying it... Just buy it you'll be glad you did.
PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.