Now you can have black nitride precision CNC machined Hex Head STAINLESS STEEL hammer and trigger pins on STAINLESS STEEL bushings in your new Tactical Innovations lower receiver or you can easily retrofit your existing receiver so you never have to worry about pin wear in  your AR15/M16.  Each precision machined pin is .154 diameter for a perfect no wiggle fit in the mating left and right side bushings.  We don't know how you could ever wear out a stainless steel bushing, but if necessary, the stainless bushings are threaded into the receiver and can easily be replaced.  Both the side bushings and the hex head hammer and trigger pins are black nitride finished for appearance as well as hardness and durability.

Our AR15/M16 STBA™ assembly consists of (2) right side bushings, (2) left side bushings and 2 non-rotating .154 diameter hex pins.

Our stainless steel bushing set is available factory installed on both our T15™ forged receiver as well as on our T15BDX™ Billet Deluxe receiver.   The bushing and pin set can also be purchased here as a retrofit that can easily be installed on existing receivers with the optional STBA™ INSTALLATION KIT.

Although you could have a professional machinist or gunsmith do the installation, its not necessary.    Retrofit installation requires the hammer and trigger pin holes to be drilled and tapped to 1/4x40 to allow the bushings to be threaded into the receiver.  Obviously, once you install stainless steel bushings in your receiver you would not be able to later use standard hammer and trigger pins (and would have no reason to ever want to).  The installation is not technical and takes only about 5 to 10 minutes.   Due to manufacturing demands, we are unable to accept customer shipped receivers for the STBA™ retrofit and you should refer the project to your local gunsmith if you don't want to complete the retrofit yourself.

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By Robert Of Colorado
I must say that my AR15 Tactical Innovation lower receiver looks perfect after I added the stainless trigger & bushing assembly. Like you said it wasn’t necessary for a gunsmith or a machinist to do. Installation was easy and now I don’t worry about pin wear. Great idea!! Thank you for your quick shipping and excellent customer service. Thank you. Robert Charlston
By RTSS Of Tennessee
I used these to convert a colt large pin lower that I had converted to a post-sample to small pin, and it works like a charm! Great work CW.
By James Of Virginia
These are great cross pins for trigger & hammer assemblies. I consider myself a novice at putting together ARs and installing these are very easy !!! IMO, the stainless colored ones give a nice distinct contrast against the dark black background of the lower receiver. But you could choose the black/blued ones if you want to match the black color of your receiver. Thanks.

For installation of the STBA bushings, all you would have to do is accurately drill the existing .154 holes on the same center point using the #1 drill bit.  Its important to make sure that you don't wobble or similar and make the holes oversize.  Then with a hand tap and some tap oil, use the 1/4-40 tap to carefully hand tap the holes. 

 Next you will want to thoroughly clean the holes with acetone or similar to remove all oil and residue.  Then blow dry and apply some red locktite and using the installation tool or allen wrench as appropriate, screw the bushing into the threaded holes being very careful not to cross thread them.  We don't have a torque spec other than tight but not to the point that you damage the threads, the bushing or the tool.

Allow the locktite to set before use.  When you install the hammer and trigger pins, they may be tight in the bushings and that's good.  However, you have to ensure that the pin will allow the hammer to freely rotate.  You can do this by putting the pin through the hammer before you install both in the receiver and make sure the hammer rotates freely.  If the hammer binds on the pin, something has to give and as a fail safe, the right bushing will unscrew from the receiver.  Under normal use with a correctly sized and lubricated hammer, it will work as intended and not be an issue.  The pins are captured in the receiver by the spring identically to a GI lower set. 

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