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  • A machine gun MUST ship to a Class 3 dealer in your state. The federal $200 transfer tax (from your dealer to you), sales tax (if applicable) and your dealer's transfer fee are NOT included in the sale price and are the buyer's responsibility.


NEW IN THE BOX SWD M10/45 SMG REGISTERED RECEIVER FRAMES!  These are a machine gun by themself and must be transferred identically to a complete gun.  This is undoubtedly the least expensive way to get a machine gun registered receiver frame, and a new in the box one at that!

These guns were built by SWD identically to the M11/9 machine guns using frames registered by MAC of TX that were manufactured prior to the machine gun ban so they are fully transferable to qualified individuals. Don't confuse these fully welded, relaible and solid guns with the TX registered and TX built guns that were only clipped and spot welded together. The frame is completely welded with no parts attached and is ready for assembly with your parts set.

No additional accessories are included with the receiver.  Purchasers that are unfamiliar with open bolt fully automatic firearms should obtain competent guidance before firing. 

Each receiver frame is transferable to qualified individuals in strict compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.  In order to purchase this machine gun receiver frame, other than having the immediate funds available for payment, you will need to make arrangements with a Class 3 dealer in your state, who will receive the registered frame and provide the transfer paperwork to get the gun transfered to you.  The in-state dealer's fee is not included in the sale price and is to be negotiated and agreed upon between you and your local dealer.  The gun will transfer to your dealer using ATF Form 3 which does NOT require a $200 transfer tax.

Supply is extremely limited for these NEW IN THE BOX 25 year old machine guns.  Therefore, no additional discounts or quantity pricing are available.  

NOTE: UPS will no longer ship machine guns.  This machine gun must be shipped USPS priority mail. Shipping cost with insurance and signature required is around $50.

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PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to