1/2x28 ID to 3/4x10 OD

1/2x28 ID to 3/4x10 OD THREAD ADAPTER

1/2x28 ID to M11/9 (M10/9) Adapter

If you have a 1/2x28 tpi threaded .22LR or 9MM barrel and want to use a MAC M11/9 (or M10/9) 9MM suppressor with 3/4x10 threads, this adapter will provide the conversion without the expensive cost to replace or re-thread the barrel. 

Adapters are precision CNC machined in one operation to ensure concentricity and alignment.  They  are made of steel (not aluminum) and are black oxide finished for durability.

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By mr Of Oklahoma
I purchased a thread adapter from another company (won't mention name) that was the threaded part only. I kept getting baffle strikes. People on various forums told me about your thread adapter. They said my problem was the lack of the non-threaded extention on the end. I ordered one from Tactical Innovations. Received it in only a couple days. Went out yesterday and it works perfect. Quality was excellent. You could even tell when you screwed it on that the fit was much better. The wrench flats on yours is much better than the knurling on the other one. This is a must have for anyone wanting to play with the old Sionics style suppressors on different guns. Thanks very much. I plan on ordering several of your other products.