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The Tactical Innovations® ELITE22TD™ RED TAKEDOWN BILLET RECEIVER is 100% compatible with Ruger® factory takedown rifles and pistols and provides an ATFE compliant "virgin" receiver for custom builds in your choice of either a rifle or pistol configuration.  Each receiver is shipped complete with all takedown related receiver hardware necessary for a takedown rifle and  is 100% compatible with both Ruger® factory and Pike Arms® takedown barrels.  The ELITE22TD™ receiver is CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum and the takedown hardware is also CNC precision machined from billet steel and then professionally heat treat hardened for durability, long life and exceptional quality.  No parts are MIM injected, cast, plastic or similar.  

Each receiver is available in either the standard flattop configuration for use with iron sights (with the scope rail holes pre-drilled and tapped and filled with appropriately sized screws) or with a matching color billet picatinny extended rail (mounting screws included) for use with scopes and similar optics. 

The ELITE22TD™ receivers will ship assembled with the takedown related receiver hardware installed.  The optional picatinny rail in your choice of colors (should you select one with your receiver purchase) will ship not attached to the receiver and can easily and quickly be installed with the supplied screws as part of the assembly process.   The barrel specific hardware (the parts that remain attached to the takedown barrel when the barrel is removed) are not included with this Elite22TD™ receiver but are available in a bundle as part #08651.

While this receiver is completely machined, anodized and serial numbered which requires a transfer through an FFL dealer, as an option we also offer an identical 80% version for the "do it yourself-er" (part #08515) which is ATFE approved as an unrestricted non-firearm.

If you've wanted to build a high quality billet takedown style rifle or pistol while maintaining compatibility with Ruger® factory parts and takedown barrels, this ELITE22TD™ receiver is the perfect quality foundation for your custom project.   

  • Manufacturer Tactical Innovations Inc.
  • Caliber .22LR
  • Material Receiver: 6061 Aluminum
    Takedown Receiver Hardware: Steel
  • Manufacturing Process Precision CNC Machined From Billet
  • Weight Ounces
  • Receiver Finish Professionally Anodized, Choice of Colors
  • Engraving Professionally Laser Engraved Per BATFE Regulations
  • Included Accessories All Takedown Related Receiver Hardware
    (Additional parts to assemble a complete rifle available separately)

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  1. What additional parts do I need to assemble a complete rifle using this receiver?
  2. Is an FFL rquired to purchase this receiver? Can you ship it directly to me?
  3. Why do color receivers cost $10 more than matte black ones?
  4. Do I need a special bolt? Can I use a Ruger factory bolt?
  5. What exactly is included with this receiver?
  6. Can I assemble this receiver as either a rifle or a pistol? Does it have to be marked either way?
  7. Can I use this receiver for any caliber other than the .22LR that its designed for?
  8. Is the receiver available with different height or different length rails?
  9. Will this receiver interchange with my factory Ruger 10/22 receiver?
  10. What barrel does this receiver use?
  11. Does the ELITE22TD receiver use a standard charging handle?
  12. Will this ELITE22TD™ receiver work well with a scope?
  13. Can this ELITE22TD™ receiver be assembled with either a taper or a bull barrel?
  14. Is custom engraving / lasering available for additional logos, SBR markings, custom serial numbers etc?
  15. Are complete rifles available rather than buying a receiver and building a rifle from scratch?
  16. Can this ELITE22TD™ receiver be assembled with parts from other manufacturers?
  1. What additional parts do I need to assemble a complete rifle using this receiver?

    You can easily complete a custom takedown rifle or pistol that can be completely assembled with Pike Arms® billet machined parts for a high quality custom firearm.  In order to assemble a complete custom rifle, you will need the following additional parts:
    1. Bolt Assembly (Includes Bolt, Sharp Claw Extractor, Stainless Steel Firing Pin)
    2. Charging Handle Assembly (Charging Handle, Rod, Spring)
    3. Red Bolt Buffer
    4. Takedown Barrel
    5. Trigger Assembly (complete)
    6. Receiver Cross Pins
    7. Stock
    8. Receiver / Stock Takedown Screw - Two Required
    Assembly is as easy as re-assembling a rifle that has been stripped to its major assemblies for cleaning since the more difficult parts are already put together for you (such as the trigger assembly and the bolt).   For tools, you will need a pack of allen wrenches and in only a few minutes you can easily assemble your own custom rifle.

  2. Is an FFL rquired to purchase this receiver? Can you ship it directly to me?
    An FFL (Federal Firearms License) is required to purchase this receiver. The receiver is the piece of the firearm that is restricted by federal law. You can purchase every other piece to assemble your own customer rifle or pistol without any license and have them shipped directly to your home but this complete, ready to assemble receiver must ship to an FFL dealer. Most local gun shops and pawn shops will have an FFL and will handle the receipt of the receiver and the paperwork to transfer it to you for a nominal fee. You should contact the FFL holder / gun shop of your choice and have them email us ( a copy of their FFL license. They will be familiar with the process and once we match your order and their license, we will ship to them. You then simply stop by their store and complete the ATFE 4473 form (the same as purchasing any other firearm) in order to take possession of the receiver.
  3. Why do color receivers cost $10 more than matte black ones?
    Colored receivers require considerably more handling and prep time to achieve the bright finish as compared to the matte black finish. The $10 cost for the colors offsets the additional required shop labor.
  4. Do I need a special bolt? Can I use a Ruger factory bolt?
    The ELITE22TD™ receiver is designed to use the Pike Arms® Match Grade Bolt Assembly but will also work with most Ruger® factory bolts. Although some customers opt to use other manufacturer's bolt assemblies, we have not tested with other manufacturer's bolts and cannot guarantee 100% compatibility especially without some additional customer fitting and troubleshooting.
  5. What exactly is included with this receiver?
    The Elite22TD™ receiver includes all of the RECEIVER HARDWARE (not barrel hardware) necessary to complete a takedown rifle or pistol. Additional receiver parts, such as the buffer, V-Block, cross pins, stock screws etc that are necessary to complete the receiver into a complete rifle or pistol are not included and are available individually so that you can select exactly which parts you want for your custom build.
  6. Can I assemble this receiver as either a rifle or a pistol? Does it have to be marked either way?
    In accordance with ATFE current regulations, a 'virgin", new production, never assembled receiver is not a rifle or a pistol and will transfer to you from your FFL dealer on an ATFE Form 4473 (Yellow Form) as an "Other", specifically as a receiver. It can not be designated as either a rifle or a pistol when manufactured unless it is actually assembled in that configuration, regardless of how its marked. The receiver becomes either a rifle or a pistol based on how it is first assembled. If you assemble it as a rifle, per ATFE regulations, it has to be a rifle forever. If you assemble it as a pistol, it can then "temporarily" be changed to a rifle configuration but a rifle can NEVER be changed to a pistol configuration without first registering the firearm with ATFE NFA branch as a short barrel rifle and paying the corresponding $200 tax. Once you assemble the receiver the first time, as either a rifle or a pistol, it is not necessary to "register" it as either one or to notify ATF of your assembly configuration and no markings on the receiver have any relationship to firearm classification type (a new manufacture virgin receiver marked pistol can be assembled as a rifle and vice versa).
  7. Can I use this receiver for any caliber other than the .22LR that its designed for?
    The ELITE22TD™ receiver is specifically designed for .22LR ammunition. It will NOT work with .22 Magnum ammunition. Other customers have experimented with custom built rifles in .17 with good success but the success of that rifle assembly would be the responsibility of the builder. As the manufacturer of the receiver, we recommend only .22LR builds other than by professional qualified gunsmiths.
  8. Is the receiver available with different height or different length rails?
    The ELITE22TD™ receiver is available in either a flattop configuration or with a bolt-on extended picatinny rail for scopes and similar optics. No additional height, length or MOA configurations are available.
  9. Will this receiver interchange with my factory Ruger 10/22 receiver?
    This receiver is a direct replacement / substitution for a Ruger® factory TAKEDOWN receiver. However, the only exception is the extended picatinny rail for the Elite22TD™ receiver which is specific to the ELITE22TD™ receiver and will not work on a Ruger® factory takedown receiver.
  10. What barrel does this receiver use?
    The ELITE22TD™ receiver is specifically designed to use Ruger® 10/22® takedown barrels as well as PIke Arms takedown barrels. Other manufacturer's takedown style barrels that are 10/22® compatible should also work but have not been tested and might require additional fitting or troubleshooting by the builder for reliable functioning.
  11. Does the ELITE22TD receiver use a standard charging handle?
    The ELITE22TD™ receiver uses a standard Ruger® 10'22® charging handle assembly. Pike Arms® offers a large variety of styles, colors and sizes to compliment any custom build.
  12. Will this ELITE22TD™ receiver work well with a scope?
    The ELITE22TD™ receiver will work very well with either a scope or with similar optics with the optional picatinny rail installed and will also work well with barrel mounted iron sights when configured as a flattop receiver with the picatinny rail removed. You can easily and quickly switch between the two configurations by simply removing or installing the picatinny rail.
  13. Can this ELITE22TD™ receiver be assembled with either a taper or a bull barrel?
    Yes, the ELITE22TD™ takedown receiver can be configured with either a taper barrel or a .920 bull barrel at the builder's option. Note however that you will have to ensure that the stock is capable of accomodating the corresponding barrel profile (ie. a bull barrel will not fit into a taper stock). Many manufacturers are not offering stocks that are capable of accommodating either barrel profile which gives you the ability to quickly change barrel profiles from taper to bull and back simply by adding or removing the barrel from the receiver.
  14. Is custom engraving / lasering available for additional logos, SBR markings, custom serial numbers etc?
    In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we do not offer custom laser engraving or custom serial numbers.
  15. Are complete rifles available rather than buying a receiver and building a rifle from scratch?
    Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of complete rifles that are already assembled and test fired in a range of popular colors and configurations. Check our section on "RIFLES" for more information and availability.
  16. Can this ELITE22TD™ receiver be assembled with parts from other manufacturers?
    Technically yes, since most manufacturers attempt to maintain compatibility with Ruger® 10/22® factory parts. However, each manufacturer has minimally different tolerances and design features which will impact compatibility with parts from other manufacturers, including Ruger® factory parts. Although you can assemble a custom rifle with the ELITE22TD™ receiver and a bolt from XXX manufacturer and a trigger assembly from YYY manufacturer and a barrel from ZZZ manufacturer, you should expect and anticipate that you will have to do considerably more fitting and trouble shooting to get all of the parts to work together as intended and expected. For a trouble free build, Pike Arms manufacturers every part for your build, with each part already designed to work the the mating Pike Arms manufactured parts. If you find a part that we don't make that you think we should, please let us know and we'll see about adding it to our already comprehensive line of parts and accessories for 10/22® style compatible rifles and pistols.


Thank you for your purchase of a Tactical Innovations ELITE22TD™ receiver.   The receiver is precision CNC machined from aircraft 6061 grade aluminum to provide years of reliability and pleasure.  Please review these assembly instructions and tips before attempting to assemble your receiver. 

The receiver can be assembled with Ruger® factory parts or a custom rifle can be assembled using Pike Arms® billet machined replacement parts.  Parts manufactured by third party companies may also work but the use of parts from multiple /  different manufactures can often be problematic and require additional fitting and troubleshooting as a result of the variable tolerances for each part from each manufacturer over which we of course have no control.


The barrel for the ELITE22TD™ receiver is installed using the supplied receiver hardware and the optional necessary barrel and barrel hardware.   The receiver provides an adjustment ring identical to a Ruger® factory takedown rifle in order to ensure a tight lockup between the barrel and receiver.   Prior to installing a barrel in the receiver, familiarize yourself with the operation of the takedown hardware and ensure that the bolt is retracted in the receiver.


The width of the bolt is critical for safe and reliable operation.  Ruger® factory bolts that have been “polished” will often then be too thin from the polishing process removing metal and a slam fire condition is possible.  Do not use a Ruger® factory bolt that has been “polished” or otherwise modified in any way without having its width checked for safe operation by a competent gunsmith in order to prevent slamfire conditions.  When assembling your rifle, ensure that the bolt that you use is wide enough to not allow the bolt to hit the rim and fire the round if the bolt is pushed all the way to either side of the receiver.  The entire rim of the round should always be in the corresponding pocket of the bolt regardless of the left or right position of the bolt in the receiver.   


Chambering:  In order for the rifle to successfully chamber the new round each time, the bolt face has to be smooth and have the correct geometry.  Generally, a machined bolt will have a more uniform finish and geometry than a Ruger® factory cast bolt although cast bolts will work most of the time.  The recoil spring has to have sufficient force to be able to drive the weight of the bolt forward and strip a round from the magazine.  The magazine feedlips have to be designed to ensure that the feed angle will correctly present the round to the chamber.  Plastic magazines often will wear out and the feed angle will change. Similarly, different brands of high capacity magazines will have different feed angle geometry resulting in one brand working well and another not working at all.  In addition, the actual bullet shape of different brands of ammunition in high capacity magazines will change the feed angle relative to other brands of ammunition that have a different bullet profile.  For testing, always use a Ruger® 10 round rotary magazine since the rounds are individually nested and are not stacked on top of each other.   

The 10/22® rifle operates based on the blowback of the bolt by the brass when fired.  In order for the rifle to function correctly, the recoil of the fired brass has to be greater than the combined resistance of (1) the weight of the bolt, (2) the force of the recoil spring (3) cocking the hammer and (4) the drag of the bolt on the receiver especially whennew, dirty or not oiled.  Different brands of ammunition, especially bulk ammunition, will have lighter recoil than ammunition such as CCI® MiniMags®.  Similarly, ammunition can have different blowback force from one round to the next due to powder variations in the ammunition.  As a result, if the fired round does not blow the bolt all the way rearward each time, you will experience failures to feed as well as failures to eject. 

Failure to Feed:  When the bolt does not blow back far enough, it will not get behind the next round in the mag in order to strip and push it into the barrel. When this occurs, you will see the bolt stopped and usually dug into the lead bullet of the next round in the magazine.  A similar condition, although more difficult to diagnose, occurs when the bolt does not blow back far enough each time and just barely blows back to minimally get behind the next round in the magazine, at which point you will not have the full travel and force of the bolt coming forward to strip the round out of the mag and run it into the chamber.  To remedy this issue, you will have to shoot hotter ammo or reduce the countering recoil force as noted above by modifying the recoil spring. 

Many third party barrel manufacturers will often use tighter chambers in an effort to increase accuracy.  However, the tighter chamber (and often with no feedramp) combined with sharper edges on the chamber face, will make successfully  feeding ammo from the magazine to the chamber much more difficult.  To successfully feed ammunition into a tighter chamber with no feedramp and sharper edges, you may have to lightly polish the chamber end of the barrel and create a more accessible chamber for the round to be able to feed. 

Stovepipe Failure:  A stovepipe failure or similar with fired brass ending up jammed in the receiver is usually a function of the extractor on the bolt not pulling the fired brass out of the chamber as the bolt is recoiling to the rear of the receiver.  Ideally, the brass would exit the barrel and stay on the face of the bolt without an extractor but the extractor makes sure that the brass leaves the barrel and stays on the bolt while the bolt recoils until the brass hits the ejector with enough force to be thrown out of the gun.  If the extractor does not grab the brass out of the chamber or does not hold the brass on the face of the bolt, you should replace the extractor.  We offer a Sharp Claw Extractor (Part # 00422 that is EDM cut and not stamped) that will cut into the brass to pull it from the receiver.  Most extraction issues are due to the failure of the extractor, which is an easy and inexpensive part to replace. 

A stovepipe stoppage can also occur when the bolt does not blow back far enough / hard enough for the brass to strike the ejector with enough force to kick it out of the receiver, and instead it simply falls off the bolt into the receiver.  To remedy this issue, you will have to either shoot hotter ammunition or reduce the recoil resistance as noted above, with the easiest option being to clip one or two coils off the recoil spring while continuing to test after clipping each coil.

Reliable function and operation requires that all parts successfully work together as intended.  Many issues can be determined and resolved by substituting known non-issue parts out of the assembly one at a time until the problematic part(s) are identified.  Although the majority of rifle assemblies can be completed without any issues (especially when using either all Ruger® parts or all Pike Arms parts), you should seek competent professional gunsmithing assistance should you encounter a situation that exceeds your comfort or experience level.  Upon request, we are happy to perform a comprehensive measurement and quality check on any of our receivers but we do not offer assembly or trouble shooting gunsmithing services.   

The Pike Arms® ELITE22TD™ Takedown Receiver is loaded with features that easily separate it from a factory receiver while still being compatible with factory parts as well as billet Pike Arms® Parts to complete it.



The ELITE22TD™ Takedown Receiver starts as a 1 1/2 pound solid billet of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. Extensive CNC machining converts the solid block into an 8.3 ounces  precision receiver that does not have the rougher surface finish and casting imperfections that a cast receiver would frequently include. All dimensions of the receiver are held to close tolerances for reliable function and unmatched durability.


A takedown style receiver requires additional receiver hardware for the attachment of the barrel to the receiver.  The ELITE22TD™ receiver ships complete with the necessary receiver hardware already installed.  The receiver hardware is precision machined from billet steel and is not MIM, plastic or a casting and all hardware is professionally heat treated for reliable function and durability. 

Target shooters have always known that the correct way to clean a rifle is from the chamber and out the muzzle rather than pushing all the dirt from the barrel into the receiver and potentially damaging the barrel crown with the cleaning rod. Our receivers have a 1/4" hole in the rear of the receiver that allows you to put a cleaning rod in the rear of the receiver, then attach the brush and swab the barrel from the chamber to the muzzle without having to remove the barrel. The cleaning access hole is cosmetically covered with a snap in and out plug that blends with the rear of the receiver when installed and that is completely hidden when the receiver is in the stock.

The receiver is available in either matte black finish or your choice of popular colors.  All are professionally anodized for durability and appearance. Anodizing is not a paint or a spray on finish, its a molecular change in the surface of the aluminum that forms crystals (like diamonds) on the outside of the material. Its the same finish that space and defense contractors and the military require on their parts.

To compliment the finish, each receiver is professionally laser engraved in compliance with BATFE marking requirements, indicating its serial number, model and manufacturer information. Laser engraving costs a few dollars more than traditional rotary engraving, but anything less looks like it. The ELITE22TD Takedown Receiver delivers in appearance and performance.


Many other "manufacturers" put their name on a product that they don't manufacture. Our ELITE22TD Takedown Receiver is CAD designed and CNC manufactured in our modern CNC machine shop using only USA made aluminum. We are intimately familiar with its function, assembly and operation and are committed to providing shooters with a product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

We operate a fulltime firearms and related accessories CNC manufacturing machine shop with live customer service and have the parts, the staff and the experience in-house to service and troubleshoot our products, resulting in fast turnarounds and hassle free service for you, our valued customer. As always, we appreciate your business!

Tactical Innovations® manufacturers five different models of 10/22® compatible receivers.  Each receiver model allows customers to get the exact features they desire for their custom rifle or pistol build.  All Tactical Innovations ELITE22 Series receivers are 100% billet machined and are available in a variety of popular colors and finishes.  Here is a summary of the receivers that are available and the primary differences between each:


** Aluminum  **  Integral Picatinny Rail  **  Right Charging  **

The ELITE22™ is the original and time proven receiver that provides a billet precision CNC option for custom built 10/22® platform rifles and pistols.  It incorporates an integrally machined picatinny rail for scopes and similar optics.  It charges and ejects from the right side identically to a Ruger® factory receiver.  The ELITE22™ is available in a variety of popular colors and is assembled with a traditional v-block for barrel mounting. 


** 416R Stainless Steel  **  Integral Picatinny Rail  **  Right Charging **

The ELITE22S™ (S=Stainless) provides all the features of the ELITE22™ while stepping up from aircraft billet aluminum to 416R ordnance grade stainless steel.  Each receiver is still machined from a solid billet (not a casting or forging) and has the picatinny rail machined into the one piece receiver (the rail is not a separate bolt-on accessory).  The ELITE22S™ is available in a polished stainless finish as well as in a black nitride matte black finish.  For precision and high volume shooters that demand the ultimate in durability and strength, the ELITE22S™ is unmatched for a receiver platform.


** Aluminum  **  Flattop / Bolt-On Picatinny Rail  **  Right Charging  **

The ELITE22D™ (D=Detachable Rail) is a billet aluminum receiver that is identical to the ELITE22™ receiver except for shooters that prefer a flattop recevier for use with barrel mounted iron sights, the "D" receiver has a rail that is bolted to the receiver (using four heavy #8 cap screws) which can easily be removed for iron sights or installed for use with scopes or similar optics.  The ELITE22D™ receiver also allows custom builders to personalize their rifle by combining different colors with the receiver in one color and the rail in either the same or a different color. 

The ELITE22D™ replaces the discontinued ELITE22F™ model, which while also a flattop, the discontinued ELITE22F™ model was exclusively for use with barrel mounted iron sights and had no provision to add a picatinny rail at a later time.   The current production ELITE22D™ receiver permits the use of both flattop iron sights as well as the option to bolt on a picattiny rail if desired.  


** Aluminum  **  Integral Picatinny Rail  **  Left Charging  **

The ELITE22LC™ is a patented "Left Charging" billet receiver that has the identical features of the ELITE22™ with the added functionality of left side charging handle access.  The ELITE22LC™ is NOT a left handed firearm and the brass still ejects out the right side of the receiver.  However, for right handed shooters, you can now keep your right hand on the stock and easily charge or clear the receiver with your left hand on the left side of the receiver, similar to an FAL or a Galil design. The ELITE22LC™ ships with the included left charging handle assembly (handle, rod & spring) in the same color as the receiver.  Different color charging handles, if desired, can easily be swapped by the customer with the removal of one screw.


**  Takedown ** Aluminum  **  Flattop / Bolt-On Picatinny Rail  **  Right Charging  **

The ELITE22TD™ (TD=TakeDown) provides the quality and features of the ELITE22™ receiver with the included additional receiver hardware to permit takedown functionality in order to quickly remove the barrel assembly with no tools necessary.  The receiver has a removable picatinny rail (identical to the ELITE22D™ receiver) and can be used either with barrel mounted iron sights or with a scope or similar optics by simply bolting the picatinny rail (in your choice of colors) on or off the receiver.  The ELITE22TD™ receiver ships complete with all takedown related receiver hardware already installed.  

PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to