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WW2 genuine steel construction STEN MAGS!  The mags are 30/32 round capacity. They are in overall good shape and should clean up well. Original finish will vary from painted to parkerized to blued. We've used literally 1000s of these same mags for our M11 SMG sten mag conversions.

However, since these mags are 55+ years old and some are rumored to have been through a war, after you degrease them you can expect that some may be perfect, some may have cosmetic blems like minimal pitting or a surface ding or dent, some may have a hole or 2 in them, some might have been used to hammer a tent peg and will be out of spec, some may have numbers stamped on them etc. We ship them exactly as they come off the pile out of the boxes with no grading or special selection although if our packers see any that are obviously damaged when they load the boxes, the damaged mags of course get pulled and are not shipped but regardless, you get what we got.   If you wind up with one that is not perfect, its the luck of the draw and there's no returns, exchanges, or special selections.  No exceptions.  If you need a guaranteed perfect mag, please do not order.  Price is per mag.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 5 reviews

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By Kevin Of
Mags are just as described. Purchased seven of these and have no complaints. Some had light pitting and some looked brand new. All functioned with no problems- just takes a little cleaning.
By Shawn Of
The mags I got look just like the ones in the picture. I just received them today, but upon initial inspection, they all look quite functional. If appearance is an issue, there's no reason why they can't be cleaned up and refinished to look like new.
By Jack Of
Good mags man! Would buy them again!
By Michael Of
I ordered eight of these in November... Needed lots of cleaning, but i was extremely pleased with what was under the grime. All eight of them work just fine!!! Great price and pretty fast shipping considering how crazy the market is...
By andy Of
I just got 3 today and they are as or better than new. They only have to be cleaned up. Same or better condition than my new one.