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We have temporarily discontinued Gen 1 to Gen 2 upgrades given the recent gun industry product demand requirements and all of our shop and manufacturing ability focused on restocking products.  If you have a Gen 1 AM15 and would like to get the Gen 2 conversion, please add you email to the "NOTIFY ME" link and we will contact you as soon as we are able to once again resume the conversion upgrade.

Additional information on the upgrade is as follows:

With the ammo shortage now behind us, we had time to shoot up a lot of the ammo we has stockpiled and were able to improve the kit over the last few years with enough significant changes and improvements to warrant a GEN 2 designation.  If you have not already taken a look at the videos on the GEN 2 kit running, they are available for your viewing on our webpage.  The biggest difference is the greatly reduced cycle speed at about 850 rpm or so as well as the much easier assembly and disassembly with the no longer necessary Gen 1 op rod.

If you want to get the increased functionality as well as the slower cycle speed of the GEN 2 kit, we can upgrade your GEN 1 kit.  The upgrade for the GEN 1 kits to a current GEN 2 design will include:

1. Machine existing bolt into Gen 2 configuration (or at our option, replace with Gen 2 bolt assembly)

2. Modify existing top cover into Gen 2 configuration

3. New Standard Force Buffer Spring

4. New Standard Weight Buffer Assembly

5. New Adjustable Length Buffer Stop

6. Test fire

All other parts in the Gen 1 kit are the same and can continue to be used.  The cost for the conversion to a Gen 2 kit is $100 plus shipping both ways.

The easiest way to tell if you have a GEN 1 or GEN 2 AM15 Upper Receiver Kit is by the buffer spring.  The GEN 2 kit buffer spring is approx the same size as the buffer tube, much like the diameter of a traditional AR15 buffer spring.  If you have a small recoil spring (about the diameter of a pencil) with a short op rod in it, then you have a Gen 1.  We have been shipping the Gen 2 kits since approximately Jan 2018 so if your kit was purchased before Jan 2018, then it would be a GEN 1 kit.

For the converson upgrade, WHEN CONTACTED TO SHIP IT IN, you will need to ship ONLY your AM15 kit back to our facility.  We do not need your lower receiver, the open bolt fire control parts, stock or any optics or sights.  Also do not ship ammunition with your return. 

The conversion turn around time is anywhere from approx 6 weeks to 8 weeks FROM THE TIME WE RECEIVE IT (not from the time you ship it).  We run the upgrades in batches so if you are the first one in, it will be the longer time and similarly, if you are the last one in for that batch, yours will the shorter time.

Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions. 

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