FOR RUGER® 10/22®


The Pike Arms® AUTO BOLT RELEASE for the Ruger® 10/22® rifle eliminates the need for a two handed bolt release as required with the factory bolt release.  It is an instant, no fumble way to release the bolt in your gun! When the bolt is held open, just a slight pull on the bolt handle will release the bolt.

With the Auto Bolt Release no modifications are required to your gun. Just remove the factory bolt hold open and drop in your new Pike Arms® Auto Bolt Release in place of it.  The Pike Arms® Auto Bolt Release ships complete with instructions and an installation diagram.  Due to tolerance variations between Ruger factory receivers and bolts over the years, minor filing on the Pike Arms® Auto Bolt Release may be required in order to achieve optimal hold and release points which can easily be accomplished in just a few minutes. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 7 reviews

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By Tony Of New Mexico
This is the 3rd one I've bought but the first one I got from Tactical Inc. Its half the price of the other ones I got and its the EXACT SAME THING. Don't over pay for the same metal part. This is the price it should cost from the other guys that are ripping people off. Thanks for the quality part for low money!
By Steve Of Pennsylvania
Easy to install and worked great. For as low price as these are, not worth the trouble to mess with trying to make one out of the ruger original one. I plan to put one in each of my rifles.
By matty Of Florida
Dear friends, I bought this device, that at the time came in a 4 piece kit. Everything in it worked awesome! It came with very easy instructions on how to install all of the parts. I am sure that a novice can complete the install in about 15min. Now I am buying one for my brother is a gift. And i'm sure he will love it....
By Matt Of Illinois
I've had this installed in my 10/22 carbine for a few months now, and it's been working really well. Makes the gun just that much more practical. I did run into a small problem where it jammed after firing ~400 rounds with it, but after a good cleaning it worked fine again. A nice addition to any 10/22.
By John Of Florida
great product i bought this and install was easy better than drilling out the factory one.
By Pat Of Michigan
I have never done a modification to any of my rifles. But I must say, all of the reviews are dead on. This was very simple to install. The included instructions were very clear and this inexpensive upgrade makes shooting the 10/22 so much more enjoyable (no more two handed operation!). I also purchased & installed the TI extended mag. release (why not, you take it out anyway to install this part). This install has given me the confidence to purchase & install a hammer kit which will be my next upgrade. Bottom line, purchase & install this piece. You won't be disappointed.
By Ed Of Wisconsin
Just installed the mag-release and am happy to report that the installation was SIMPLE, and it functions flawlessly. Now if only there was a Lock-Open mod I could install.... then it would work they way it always should have..... I have the Lipsey with the 22 inch Bbl and it's shooting 1/2 grps at 50 yds, 3/4" at 100 yds using a 6-18X40mm scope. I've had my 10/22 for about 12 years and it has seen a LOT of use and is still going strong. Upgrades kepp it accurate and fun! Thanks to TI and Ruger!
PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.