* CAUTION: Prior to assembling, first ensure that your M16 is not loaded.

*CAUTION: If you are unfamiliar with the function and safe handling of an open bolt firearm, you should seek competent assistance, training and guidance before attempting to fire your AM15 Upper Receiver Conversion Kit.

* Carefully remove all parts from the shipping box. Do not remove them from the plastic packaging until ready to install each part.


1. Remove TOP COVER ASSEMBLY (#2) from UPPER RECEIVER (#1) by depressing detent on left front of receiver and simultaneously gently sliding TOP COVER (#2) forward and then lifting off. Only minimal force is required. Do not use any tools to pry the TOP COVER (#2) off.

2. With the TOP COVER (#2) off, remove the FEED BLOCK (#5) by gently lifting up on rear of the FEED BLOCK (#5) while gently pulling backwards. The FEED BLOCK (#5) can only be removed when the TOP COVER (#2) Assembly has first been removed.

3. Remove the BOLT (#6) by sliding it forward.

4. Place the NYLON BUFFER (#10) into the buffer tube against the face of the previously installed ADJUSTABLE BUFFER ASSEMBLY (#9).

5. Install the UPPER RECEIVER (#1) with BARREL (#3) and HANDGUARD ASSEMBLY (#4) already assembled, onto your M16 lower receiver. First push in the front receiver takedown pivot pin, then close the AM15 Upper Receiver on to the M16 lower and secure it with the rear receiver takedown pivot pin.

6. Place the OPERATING ROD (#7) into RECOIL SPRING (#8). With the AM15 Upper Receiver installed on your M16 lower receiver and both takedown pivot pins in place, install the rod end (not the spring end) of the spring and rod assembly through slot in rear of AM15 Upper Receiver, into the center of the NYLON BUFFER (10) and ensure that the end of the rod is captured in the detent in the face of the ADJUSTABLE BUFFER ASSEMBLY (#9).

7. Slide the BOLT (#3) onto the RECOIL SPRING (#8) and OPERATING ROD (#7) and reinstall the BOLT (#6) into the AM15 UPPER RECEIVER (#1) while compressing the SPRING (#8).

8. Reinstall the FEEDBLOCK (#5) in the reverse of the disassembly instructions above.

9. Reinstall the TOP COVER (#2). When installed on UPPER RECEIVER (#1), inspect the distance between the bottom of the TOP COVER (#2) and the FEEDBLOCK (#5). The TOP COVER (#2) should have minimal pressure on the FEEDBLOCK (#5) to keep the FEEDBLOCK (#5) securely in place. Correct tension by the TOP COVER (#2) on the FEEDBLOCK (#5) is accomplished by adjusting the set screws on the bottom of the TOPCOVER (#2) until they are snug on the FEEDBLOCK (#5) AND the TOPCOVER (#2) can still be easily removed and installed without damage to the TOPCOVER (#2) or requiring excessive force. Once the TOPCOVER (#2) screws are correctly adjusted for the FEEDBLOCK (#5), no additional adjustment should be necessary unless you install an alternate FEEDBLOCK (#5).

10. Retract the BOLT (#6)t using charging handle and verify that the bolt will lock back onto the HAMMER (#12), which is not acting as a traditional open bolt sear. If the BOLT (#6) does not lock in the rearward position due to occasional differences in buffer tube lengths, you will have to shorten the length of the ADJUSTABLE BUFFER ASSEMBLY (#9) by loosening the lock nut and screwing in the adjustment bolt to make the Adjustable Buffer Assembly shorter to enable the bolt to fully engage the sear. Make this adjustment in small increments of approximately one half of a turn of the bolt per adjustment.

Your AM15 Upper Receiver is now completely assembled. The actual assembly time once you are familiar with the process is less than three minutes thus making changes between your traditional M16 and your AM15 Upper Receiver easy to accomplish.

Prior to firing your AM15 Upper Receiver, you should read, understand and comply with all AM15 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS .