We offer cleaning and repair services for all of our suppressors (subject to parts availability for discontinued models) on a time and materials cost basis. Depending on how much lead buildup there is in the suppressor will determine how much time is required to disassemble the suppressor, assuming we can still get it apart without damaging the tube. Extreme lead buildup in the suppressor will necessitate that the suppressor be drilled in order to attempt to disassemble it.

Parts are usually replaced with new parts rather than cleaned since the cost of the shop time to abrasive blast each part is too close to the cost of simply replacing the parts. In the event you have damaged the ends of the tube by either damaging the threads, bending the tube etc, at your instruction we can attempt to save the original tube but can NOT guarantee that we will be able to. Customer will be responsible for the associated shop time cost regardless of the success or lack there of in our ability to save the tube.

Repairs and service for .22LR suppressors average approximately $175 to $225 plus return shipping cost but could be more if greater than usual time is required for disassembly. We strive to get your suppressor back to you as quickly as possible. However, the current time for suppressor service FROM THE TIME WE RECEIVE IT until it is ready to ship back to you is approximately 4 weeks.

ATF will allow the suppressor to be completely rebuilt to include all internals and both endcaps but will NOT allow the tube to be replaced. Suppressors that are extremely full of lead have a minimal possibility that the tube could be damaged during the disassembly process. Although we use caution and go to great lengths to not damage the tube, it is possible that the tube could be damaged beyond repair or possibly scratched during the service process and Tactical Innovations is not responsible for any damage to the tube.

We can NOT guarantee that we can disassemble heavily leaded cans and that the tube might not be damaged beyond our ability to repair it. Although Tactical Innovations will use reasonable care while attempting to service customer's silencer, customer understands and agrees that Tactical Innovations Inc.® is not responsible for damaged tubes / silencers and will not replace or compensate customer for the cost of the suppressor even if the silencer is damaged beyond our ability to repair it, resulting in a total loss. Sending your silencer to Tactical Innovations for repair / service is customer's acceptance.

For suppressor service, you will need to return the complete suppressor (all parts) along with a legible copy of the front of your form 4. In the event your address has changed since the form 4 was approved, please also provide a legible copy of your drivers license reflecting your current correct address. Also include a short note with your contact information (telephone and email). Please do not request "an estimate" prior to service. We will contact you for your approval in the even the required service might exceed the $175 to $225 average cost to rebuild the assembly. Our customer service staff will contact you for payment information once the suppressor is ready to ship back to you.

Your suppressor can be returned to us as the manufacturer by either UPS or USPS at your option and we recommend that you insure the suppressor for the replacement cost. Our shipping address is:

Tactical Innovations Inc.
345 Sunrise Road
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Please let us know if you have any questions. Glad to help.