Help us make sure you get the correct barrel for your UZI. There are two different barrels that are not interchangeable. One is designated "Semi Barrel" and the other is the "SMG Barrel". You must order the correct one to fit your UZI. Here is how you can tell the difference to know which one you want:

The "Semi Barrel" which is generally going to fit a factory 9MM semi-automatic UZI such as IMI UZI (Model A & B), Century Arms UC-9, Vector, Action Arms, Norinco, Group industries, etc will have a .707 diameter at the trunion and will have the chamber end machined to .625 to allow it to fit into the barrel restricting ring.

As the name suggests, this barrel fits UZI sub-machine guns and will NOT physically fit and slide into the semi-auto models. The SMG barrels have a .747 trunion and are not machined to fit past the barrel restricting ring since the machine guns do not have a barrel restricting ring.

The easiest way to tell quickly which barrel you need is to see if your gun has a barrel restricting ring and if your current barrel is turned down at the chamber to allow the barrel to slide into it. If so, you would want the Semi Barrel.

If you build a gun out of a parts kit, you will have to measure your trunion and note if there is a barrel restricting ring in order to determine which barrel is the correct fit. We currently do not offer a barrel that has a SMG trunion diameter and a barrel restricting ring since it is not a production model standard.