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I wish I could put a pic here so everyone could see my rifle ..
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For blued 10/22® rifles, this precision steel muzzle break compliments your rifle's blue finish to give it the tactical military look and advantage of a military firearm.  Don't confuse this muzzle break with plastic ones!  This high quality blued steel muzzle break is made to exacting tolerances for a precision slip fit over the muzzle of your rifle, secured by a single set screw on the bottom, with no modifications to your 10/22®.  Especially if you have folding stock on your rifle, this muzzle break is an easy choice to get your rifle looking right.  Better order two... your shooting buddy is going to want one too!

Overall Rating: 5.00 out of 5

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  • Stephen NicholsTamworth, NH

    Date: 05/24/2012

    Very good product. I just got mine today. Very fast service from this company! The flash hider I received fit very well,and I am heading for the range after this post.Thank you Tactical Innovations for a great product. The machine work was much better that I expected for a twelve dollar item. Very Impressive! Thank you so much and I will be placing more orders for cool tactical stuff very soon.

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  • Wade PTampa, FL

    Date: 01/07/2012

    Great flash hider. Fits great on my Ruger, and gives it a very tactical look. If you're trying to give your 10 22 a more tactical look, definitely get this flash hider.

    Was this review helpful?yesno 10 found it helpful | 3 did not
  • Ray CDet., MI

    Date: 10/13/2011

    Great product! Made very well. It slips right on to my factory barrel with no troubles. I did have a problem at first however about it falling off after shooting 50 rounds. The set scew kept on comming lose so after my first day on the range with it I took it home and put blue loctite on it. I have since fired around 200 rounds with no trouble. Fit and finish is excellent.

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  • Tyler BromleyJackson, MO

    Date: 10/23/2010

    Works very well at night, changes the midnight sun at the end of my barrel into a sputter. This fits over the original iron sight front post and takes a minute to install. One biggie that I love this flash hider for is the noise level. It reduced the noise level so that my ears don't hurt without ear protection. My other rifles would give me a ring after about 100 bullets, but 1100 bullets at once with this flash hider and my ears don't hurt a bit. Very good product, I recommend on all 10/22's for slightly quieting the rifle. By the way, try shooting this while laying on the grounds, gets an odd thump to it. Maybe from the exhaust gases bouncing off the ground, but it's an odd muffled sound that's cool to listen to.

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  • Kevin Zoellner

    Date: 04/20/2009

    I'm building a tactical 10/22. This flash hider fit great, and most important looks great. I thought this was going to hold me over until I could afford a better barrel. But the original barrel with this flash hider looks as good as anything I could spend hundreds of dollars on.

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  • Trent Puckett

    Date: 10/31/2008

    Along with the 4-piece accessory kit, my 10/22 now looks and handles like an M1-A. Super easy to install. Great product by a great company!

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Installation is quick and easy.  No tools are required other than the supplied allen wrench.

1. Ensure that your rifle is not loaded.  Remove magazine.  Retract bolt and visually verify that the chamber is emply.

2. Using the supplied allen wrench, loosen the attaching set screws that are located under the flash hider.  It is not necessary to completely remove them.  Unscrew them far enough that they do not protrude into the inside of the flash hider.

3. Slide the flash hider over the muzzle of the barrel while aligning the front sight with the clearance cut in the flash hider.  The flash hider is designed to be a snug fit.  Due to the manufacturing tolerance of the factory ruger barrels, the flash hider will often require a slight hit with the palm of your hand to fully seat it.  DO NOT use a hammer or similar to hit the flash hider.   You will damage the flash hider which would not be covered by any manufacturing warranty.

4. Once the flash hider is seated flushly on the barrel, use the supplied allen wrench to tighten the two set screws.  Use caution not to over torque the two set screws and tighten them enough to strip the threads out of the flash hider.  It does not need to be that tight.

Installation is complete and is ready for use.

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